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New in Release 3.15

Re-designed settings interface

Configuring RapidRedact to work in the way that you want it to, has never been easier. Featuring an entirely new layout, RapidRedact's settings have been grouped into categories relevant to the steps taken during the redaction process, making it easier to find and configure the options you’re looking for.

Faster processing speed

Redacting documents using RapidRedact 3.15 is faster than in earlier versions, allowing you to redact documents in less time.

Improved output finalization

Choosing the output files to create after redacting your documents can now be configured in one place. The new output screen gives you the ability to choose the output files you want to create and file locations. All of your output files are then created in one easy step without additional actions required along the way, speeding up the process.

New and improved Redaction Template Manager

The new Redaction Template Manager is easier to use and reduces the time taken to setup templates for redacting pre-defined areas. What used to take several clicks now only takes a few. Redaction Templates are an ideal solution for easily redacting specific areas which consistently contain sensitive information.

Additional changes

  • RapidRedact now remembers the last page you were viewing in a Working File and displays that page when the file is re-opened
  • PDF pages can now be inserted into Working Files
  • New ‘Go To Page’ toolbar button provides an additional method for navigating document pages
  • Exemption codes have been added for the Ireland Data Protection Act

How to upgrade to RapidRedact 3.15?

Exisitng customers will be notified by email with instructions on upgrading. If you're not an existing customer and are interested in seeing how RapidRedact will help you solve your redaction requirements, download a free
15-day trial

If you need assistance upgrading RapidRedact or guidance with any changes featured in this release, our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is on hand to assist and welcome your feedback.